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Friday, April 2, 2010

Some Introductions Are In Order!

Hi guys!

Well, Jessica decided that she needed some help posting, so I figured that since I sit around reading this stuff all day anyway, I might as well help a sister out! I'm gonna be posting on Tuesdays and Fridays and then some on the weekends. I'm really, really excited about it!

So a little about name is Meg, I'm almost 29 years old, and my real job is in a history museum. I have 2 dogs that I love more than some of the humans in my life, I ride horses, and my godson is the sunshine of my world. I love to write and the blogging and fanfic communities have been great resources for that.

My introduction into Twilight was similar to so many of my friends'! I bought the book and it sat on my coffee table for months. I was reading the Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood) series and I honestly was not interesting in reading a 500 page novel about sparkly teen vampires with morals. But I finished the Sookie books and needed somewhere else to escape, so I picked up Twilight and the rest is history. I was coming out of a 7 year long, abusive relationship and Twilight offered me an escape from all the drama in my life. I got online, found the blogs, made a bunch of new friends, and haven't looked back. The best thing about all of this is the wonderful community surrounding it. Everyone is so supportive and funny and just plain wonderful; I feel so lucky to be a part of it.

My addictions to Twitter and fanfic have reached epic proportions! I'm @donnersun on Twitter; please follow me! We have lots of fun. I may do some spotlight posts on my favorite fics later down the road as well.

Hit me up on Twitter if you wanna chat more, but for now I think I need to shut up about myself get down to business! ;) I look forward to this new venture and I will do my best to make you, this blog, and the series proud!

~Meg xx

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RaShell said...

Nice to "meet you" and welcome, Meg :)

My Twilife said...


I am SOOOOOOOO excited you decided to help out! I love your intro and I am so glad we met through twitter and have become friends! I love this community too and have met so many awesome people through it...who would have thought picking up a book could do that?


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