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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Cure Your Craving With Some Fan Made 'Eclipse' Posters

I am totally getting anxious for the first 'Eclipse' trailer. Who isn't right?! So as we all sit waiting for it to come out and awe us...I thought a few fan made 'Eclipse' Posters would be just what we all need!

(found here)

The Meadow....*sigh* (found here)

I have always liked this one representing Leah discovering what she is becoming.

The tent scene is one of my favorite scenes in the book! I am so looking forward to this scene! (found here)

Ooooh I like this one with Victoria eerily looking on! (Found Here)

Do you know of any great posters I missed? Let me know & I would love to add them! Here is to hoping (early) 2010 brings us an epic 'Eclipse' trailer! *cheers*

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David Slade is Planning A New Year's Gift!

David Slade tweeted last night that he is planning a New Year's gift...

I am pretty sure I speak for everyone when I say we are all hoping for the same thing: AN 'ECLIPSE' TRAILER!

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Screencap via Twifans

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

International Release Dates for 'Eclipse'

Argentina 30 June 2010

Brazil 30 June 2010

Egypt 30 June 2010

Finland 2 July 2010

Germany 15 July 2010

Kazakhstan 30 June 2010

Netherlands 1 July 2010

New Zealand 1 July 2010

Norway 2 July 2010

Sweden 30 June 2010

Turkey 2 July 2010

UK 9 July 2010

USA 30 June 2010 (That's Me!)

So, where are you from? When do you get to watch 'Eclipse'?

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Source via Gossip Dance

Anna Kendrick on The Cover of Entertainment Weekly

Anna is on the cover with her 'Up in the Air' Costars George Clooney & Vera Farmiga.

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Source via kstewadmirer

Twilight vs. The Vampire Diaries...Is it Even a Contest?!

Sorry, NO contest for me! I mean I like the Vampire Diaries, but I could totally live without it....and we all know, I could NOT live without Twilight. The end.

What are your thoughts?

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Thanks Clevver TV Team!

Live Interview with The Hillywood Show & Twicon Organizer Tomorrow Night

Blogtalkradio will be doing a LIVE interview with Hannah and Hilly Hindi from The Hillywood Show tomorrow night to talk about their 2010 tour with Creation and their brand new New Moon parody to come out in January.

The second half of the 2 hour show will consist of an interview with part owner of TwiCon, Becky Scoggins, to talk about the 2010 TwiCon conventions in Las Vegas and Toronto.

You can listen to the show @ There will also be a chat room for fans to chat during the show. (To chat go register for free at They will also be taking calls from fans during the show! (Number to call is 347-884-9941.)

Find more info about the Hillywood Show here & Twicon 2010 here.

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Thanks Ashleigh from Artists on Demand!

Kellan Lutz @ Klutch Nightclub Opening

Kellan attended the opening of Klutch nightclub in Miami Beach last night (December 29). See more pictures at Breaking

is probably in Miami getting ready for the New Years Eve Party he is hosting tomorrow night.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bryce Dallas Howard Talks Rob, Taylor & 'Eclipse'

Bryce talks about her current role in 'The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond' at first then at about the 3:40 mark she starts talking about 'Eclipse' and Rob & Taylor.

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via ROBsessed

Billy Burke Talks 'New Moon', Kristen Stewart & 'Eclipse'!

Billy Burke talks about 'New Moon', 'Eclipse', Kristen Stewart & his new baby girl! He also talks about a new movie he is doing called 'Highland Park'.

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via @kstewartnews

Vote For Your Favorite Fan Site! :)

Summit is asking you to Tweet your favorite Twilight fan sites & I think I would love you dear readers even more if you *cough* mentioned me *cough*!

I blog solo and put a ton of my blood, sweat, and tears into this site (ok not really blood...but you get it!) and would love it if you voted for me! :)

So let @Twilight know @MyTwilife is your favorite! Thanks a million! :)

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Trailer for Michael Welch's New Movie 'Unrequited'

From the official site: Psychological thriller UNREQUITED tells the story of Ben Jacobs, a troubled young man who, on his 18th birthday, must leave the group home for “troubled teens” where he has been living for the past several months. After moving back in with his mother, Ben discovers that his girlfriend, Jessica Morgan, has moved on with her life and is now dating an older college guy. Desperate for love and unable to cope with losing Jessica, Ben’s troubled past catches up with him as he kidnaps her in an attempt to regain her affection. Spiraling out of control and on a very dangerous path, Ben must ultimately decide whether to let her go, or hold on to the one person he loves, even if it means destroying them both in the process.

Find more info at the official site for the movie.

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via Twilight Poison

Peter Facinelli Talks About His Family, 'Eclipse' & 'Breaking Dawn'!

iVillage interviewed my favorite "Doctor" Peter Facinelli recently & he chatted about his family, New Moon, Eclipse & more. Here is an excerpt from the interview:

"I told my wife [Beverly Hills 90210 alum Jennie Garth] the only gift I want is to be able to be with my family," Peter Facinelli recently told iVillage while filming Nurse Jackie (the Showtime drama starring Edie Falco) in New York. "I wrap up the second season today, and I head home tomorrow. I'm looking forward to a break and just spending some time with my family."

It's no surprise that the dad of three looks forward to a little downtime with his loved ones in their L.A. home. In addition to his role as Dr. Fitch Cooper on Nurse Jackie, Facinelli also plays vampire Carlisle Cullen in the blockbuster Twilight films. Anticipating his holiday break, the 36-year-old took a moment to chat about a beloved Christmas tradition, New Moon fan requests and why he's in favor of a fifth Twilight movie.

What vampire superpower do you wish you had in real life?
I'd love to be able to fly -- that would be cool. But I don't know if that's a vampire power. I mean, Carlisle's power is compassion, and I think I got the short end of the stick. I was like, "Can't I be compassionate and fly?" You can't really [be] like, "Stand back! I'm going to smite you with my compassion!"

You and your wife are both famous actors. Is it hard to stay grounded in family life when you're a part of the Hollywood scene?
No, because my wife comes from Illinois and I come from New York, and at the end of the day what we do is a job and not who we are as a people. I'm an actor, not a celebrity. I never walk around thinking I'm a celebrity. So, in that sense, we really do live a grounded lifestyle. And I wouldn't want it any other way for my kids.

Do you have any plans for the holidays?
I'm going to take the kids skiing.

How about any holiday traditions?
We have a little village set that we put underneath the Christmas tree, and this year the kids got to build it themselves because I was out of town. Usually I help, but this year they kind of surprised me and did the whole village under the tree. It was kind of fun to come home and see that they had done it by themselves.

There's been talk about the last Twilight book, Breaking Dawn, being split into two separate films. Can you confirm the rumors?
I don't know. I know there are rumors. I'm in support of it. It's a very thick book and there's a lot going on. To scale it down to one, we would miss a lot of stuff. So, if I had a say, I would love for it to be two. That said, I haven't heard anything about it, nor has Breaking Dawn been confirmed at all. So I think we're all just waiting to hear what someone decides to do.

So you're not itching for it to be over?
No, I'm a big fan of the books. So for me, it's fun to be able to revisit Carlisle and I'm quite saddened that there's only one more book to do. It would be great if it was broken into two.

What can fans expect from the next film, Eclipse?
Every one of these has had a different director [David Slade directs The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, opening in June] so the feel's been a little bit different. Each one of the books progressively has more action. New Moon has some really cool action with the werewolves and the Volturi and it builds from there into the third one where the Cullens get to do some really great action stuff. And that's fun for me, because as a Cullen we're very reserved and always trying to fit in and look humanlike. But in Eclipse, you get to see what we're capable of as vampires.

Who would win in a fight between Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson?
In real life? Well I'd have to go Taylor all the way on that one, just because he's been taking karate since he was in his mother's womb. And I've seen him do some back flips and some high kicks. I think that Taylor would win the fight between him and me, too.

Alright, give us the scoop. Are Rob and Kristen Stewart dating?
You know, I don't know who my costars are dating, and I don’t ask. I mean, I don't know who Edie Falco is dating either.

Do you get tired of people asking you that?
Yeah, I get tired of people asking me who Edie Falco is dating all the time!

Ahhh are too funny! I heart him...I really do!

Read the rest here.

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Video: Kellan Lutz & Kola on Nick News Special

I was looking for this video all morning and finally Twilight Lexicon found it! Kellan was on a Nick News special about abandoned animals. Here is what PEOPLE had to say about it:

Many pets across the country are in crisis. They're being taken from their homes and given up to animal shelters or abandoned because their owners can no longer afford to keep them. Many children and a slew of celebrities -- including Twilight's Kellan Lutz and One Tree Hill's Sophia Bush — are helping get the word out about these animals in the new special Nick News with Linda Ellerbee: Kids to the Rescue! Helping Homeless Animals, airing Dec. 27 at 8 p.m. ET on Nickelodeon.

Lutz and Bush are the proud owners of rescue pets and many more celebrities, including Lance Bass, reporter Maria Menounos, skateboarder Tony Hawk, talk about how their pets have changed their lives forever. The kids featured in the special are superstars in their own right: like two named Rachael and Sophia, who are volunteering their time to help homeless animals on death row find fosters homes.

Click HERE to watch the video.

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Deleted 'New Moon' Scene?!

This is supposedly from when Edward & Alice bring Bella home from Italy! I totally wanted to see more of this in the movie so I am pumped to see that it probably will be in the DVD extra's Chris Weitz told us about! :)

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via TwiCrackAddict

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Eclipse Cast Update: More Actors Added

I spotted over at Eclipse that IMDB has added several more actors to the Eclipse Cast list:

Monique Ganderto - IMDB’s description of her Eclipse character: Beautiful Vampiress. Monique is a Canadian actress (from Alberta). She typically is a stunt double in most movies she appears in. (Possibly a newborn vampire?)

Ben Geldrich – IMDB has him listed as playing the part of John.

Justin Rain – IMDB says that he will play the role of a Quileute Warrior.

GAH! I can't wait to see a trailer already...or a few stills...anything!!

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Clevver TV Talks About Taylor Lautner's New Role in 'Cancun'

So, Taylor & his Dad have a production company 'Taylor Made Entertainment'...very cool & very savvy name!

Thanks Clevver TV Team!

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Still No Date For First 'Eclipse' Trailer

Well, at least they know we are (im)patiently waiting....*sigh* Here's to hoping the New Year brings us some Eclipse goodness! ;)

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screen cap via TwiCrack

Robert Pattinson & Ashley Greene Among Interview Mag's 20 Most Beautiful People of the Decade!


A bit of Brando, a twinge of Dean, the Twilight star possesses that slightly strange alien quality that turns brooding good looks into the iconic. He has just enough edge to make teens and tabloids go into "crazed hunter" mode—have you seen Robsessed?—but also a disarming, slightly crippling self-awareness. It's early yet for Pattinson, but we're eagerly awaiting part two of his entertaining saga.

On life before Twilight:"We spent the better part of a year just getting drunk every night... "I don't know if that counts as ‘struggling.'"


With five films scheduled to come out in the next year, it's safe to say that Ashley Greene is riding the momentum from the absurd Twilight wave. The young vampire with the psychic abilities—she also has the power to make girls literally break down in tears in public. But how far into her own future can she see? From where we're standing, the near-future, at least, looks promising.

ASHLEY GREENE: "I grew up in a house that would be perfect to set a horror movie in. It was out in the country, right on the water. I'm glad I never got to see scary movies when I was young. Otherwise I would have imagined things coming out of the lake.

Read the rest @ Interview Magazine.

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas MyTwilife Readers!

This wasn't under my tree this morning.....I checked. But I am having a wonderful Christmas anyway & I hope you all are too!

Merry Christmas!

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bryce Dallas Howard on 'The View'

Bryce was on The View talking about her latest project 'The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond' and she also mentions 'Eclipse' toward the end.

Click here to watch the video.

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via Twilight Lexicon

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New EW Outtake of Rob, Kristen & Taylor

GAH!! Rob, you can lean in on me like that any day!

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Bryce Dallas Howard on Good Morning America

Bryce in 'The Loss of A Teardrop Diamond'

Bryce was on Good Morning America talking about her latest project 'The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond' out in December. She also talks about her son Theo & how she was not a rebellious teenager.

You can watch the interview here. And read more about movie here.

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Edward Cullen & Jacob Black Among Most Desirable Characters of 2009

Edward Cullen

America’s favorite vam­pire, played by Robert Pat­tin­son, returned to the big screen in “New Moon,” where his chis­eled face and seri­ous man­ner made Twi-hard fans wild.

Jacob Black
Werewolf Jacob, played by Taylor Lautner, caused fans to switch from Team Edward to Team Jacob after packing on 30 pounds of muscle — and staying shirtless throughout “New Moon.”

extratv via Robsten Lovers

Kristin Chenoweth Wants More Robert Pattinson; Makes Wolfpack Cry!

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