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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Anna Kendrick Gets Golden Globe Nomination!

Anna Kendrick was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for 'Up in the Air' & Hitfix chatted with her about her reaction to the news:

Q: Where were you when you found out this morning?

A: I was in a green room at a morning show being pulled by arm to the stage to do my interview as they were saying the names Vera Farminga and Anna Kendrick and I got off the shortest 'yay' of all time. And then I ran to do my interview and the second they cut to the weather man I bounded back to the monitors to see screenplay, director, actor and picture.

Q: Was it nerve wracking that you were doing a morning show and maybe you may or may not get nominated?

A: I was just hoping that the film would get nominated. You don't get three acting nominations by accident no matter how talented your cast is. I was just hoping that Jason [Reitman] and the film would be recognized.

Q: You've been hearing for months all this was going to happen, but are you still stunned by the reaction to the film this morning?

A: Everybody keeps asking me what I think this means for the future and I'm trying to enjoy this now, this moment. It's really exciting and apparently the first thing I'm supposed to do is talk to a bunch of journalists. (Laughs.) I'm starting to feel as though journalists are my family because every time I get good news I talk to journalists first. I'll invite you all around for Thanksgiving.

Q: Have you had fun on this whole journey or has it just been a non-stop 'Up in the Air' tour?

I try to have fun, it's just stressful and I just try to navigate my way through what I'm supposed to do in all these situations. Everyone keeps telling me, 'You only do this for the first time once and you should try to enjoy it,' but I think like god willing if I ever get to do it again it will be a lot easier because I won't be completely blindsided by everything.

Q: Is there anything you're looking forward to at the Globes itself?

A: I'm just happy we are all gonna be there together and we did the math a little earlier to see if we could all sit at one table. That's all I'm hoping for.

Congrats to Anna! :) What an accomplishment!

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Samuel Wright said...

sadly, I've hardly seen any of the movies from the nominee list - hopefully I'll get to watch more of them before the awards night comes around

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