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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bryce Dallas Howard Talks Replacing Rachelle; Feels a Huge Responsibility

It was actually a really unfortunate circumstance where the actress who everyone really cared deeply about, who has done an amazing job in this role, was unavailable," Howard said, explaining her last-minute casting. "They were looking for someone to fill that slot. It was right before production actually happened, so of course there was intimidation there and feeling a huge responsibility to do my best."

In the ensuing days, both Lefevre and Summit Entertainment released separate statements detailing their sides of the story. But despite the drama behind the scenes, Howard insists the cast was nothing but welcoming.

"[They] were really lovely," Howard said. "And yes, it's an incredible group of people. I have so much respect for them. There's so much frenzy surrounding them, and they've remained grounded, and their friendships are so genuine. I felt very lucky to work with such a good group of people.

"They love these books — all these actors," Howard continued. "They're fans themselves. It was a great energy on set — that people are so passionate about bringing these characters to life."

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