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Monday, December 14, 2009

10 'Twilight' TV Shoutouts From MTV

MTV rounded up 10 totally "Twilight" TV shoutouts (in no particular order) & here they are:

1. "The Office"

The NBC series gets not one, but two gold new moons—see what I did there?—for their hilarious "Twilight" twofer. The first took place during the Halloween episode "Koi Pond" when the employees of Dunder Mifflin organized a haunted house featuring two bloodsuckers—a traditional Count Dracula (Creed Bratton) and one we can only assume was meant to be Edward Cullen (B.J. Novak). When the Count cries "I want to suck your blood!" Edward (a.k.a. Ryan) responds, "That's really not the trend in vampires right now." So true! And then, just last night, Jim (John Krasinski) bought Kelly (Mindy Kaling) an Edward Cullen poster. We knew we loved this show for a reason!

2. "Vampire Diaries"

Skewering its vampire competition (and arguably the franchise that cleared the way for the series' own success), bloodsucker Damon (Ian Somerhalder) cozies up to a copy of Stephenie Meyer's original tome. "What's so special about this Bella girl?" Damon asks his human chew toy Caroline (Candice Accola). "Edward's so whipped." When she asks why he doesn't sparkle in the sun, he responds, "Because I live in the real world where vampires burn in the sun."
See a clip of Damon mentioning Twilight HERE (for some reason I can't embed it here)

3. "Jeopardy"

I'll take Robert Pattinson for $200, Alex. Oh, if only. During the quiz show's recent Teen Tournament an entire category was dedicated to "Twilight" The Novel. Any die-hard fan would have made it to Final Jeopardy with these easy peasy questions. We won't give away the answers in case you want to play along. Check out the "Jeopardy" airing here!

4. "Cougar Town"

Who knew Courtney Cox was a Twilight Mom? On the Nov. 4 episode, 40-something Jules (Courtney) confessed to hunky neighbor Grayson that she had a naughty dream about him. When he seemed a little too pleased with himself, she deflated his puffed-chest with this laughable admission: "Relax stud, I have sex dreams about everybody—the president, Gene Simmons, Edward from 'Twilight.' Oooh, that sweet Edward." But seeing as Edward is really in his 100s, that doesn't make Jules much of a cougar after all.

5. "SNL"

It took the usually timely sketch-comedy series a year after the first film's release to lampoon it, but "SNL" finally sank its teeth into "Twilight" with the awesome parody "Firelight." Perhaps it was worth the wait just to see Taylor Lautner's maybe-girlfriend Taylor Swift brood as Bella Swan. Check out the entire parody here!

6. "Criminal Minds"

During an investigation, the crew attempts to hack into a laptop and has success with the password "Cullen," much to the consternation of Dr. Spencer Reid (a.k.a. our past Hump Day Hottie Matthew Gray Gubler). "What's 'Twilight'?" he asks. Oh, where to even begin? We guess that guest appearance by Jackson Rathbone last season didn't leave much of an impression on Spencer, huh?

7. "90210"

Dunder Mifflin employee Ryan wasn't the only one to dress as a "Twilight" universe member this Halloween. So did Liam (Matt Lanter) on "90210." OK fine — not really. Still, during the show's costume party—the one in which Teddy (Trevor Donovan) is indeed garbed like Count Dracula—Liam is asked by a party-goer if he's supposed to be a certain bed-headed Brit. "You're Rob Pattinson, right? I can tell, 'cause you have messy hair." That's what you get for wearing flannel in Beverly Hills.

8. "Hannah Montana"

Miley Cyrus' now-defunct Twitter account isn't the only place she name drops RPattz. In an episode of her Disney series, Miley talks about potentially being set up with Rob. Real-life Miley, however, didn't feel the warm fuzzies for the actor until a few months ago tweeting, "Gave a hug to Rob Pattinson today. Ok girls I get it now. So cute. Sorry 'Robby' bout all my bashing in my past : )."

9. "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon"

Host Jimmy Fallon must really enjoy hanging from trees and affecting a British accent, because he's made his gag "Robert is Bothered" a recurring bit on his show. After taking jabs at sharks and Snickers, our favorite is still the original when RPattz rumbles with "Harry Potter" costar Daniel Radcliffe.

10. "Attack of the Show"

Though the final installment of the "Twilight Saga" has yet to be greenlit for the big screen, the folks over at G4 wasted no time putting together a "Breaking Dawn" spoof featuring Peter Facinelli. It must be seen to be truly appreciated — watch now!

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