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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Cure Your Craving With Some Fan Made 'Eclipse' Posters

I am totally getting anxious for the first 'Eclipse' trailer. Who isn't right?! So as we all sit waiting for it to come out and awe us...I thought a few fan made 'Eclipse' Posters would be just what we all need!

(found here)

The Meadow....*sigh* (found here)

I have always liked this one representing Leah discovering what she is becoming.

The tent scene is one of my favorite scenes in the book! I am so looking forward to this scene! (found here)

Ooooh I like this one with Victoria eerily looking on! (Found Here)

Do you know of any great posters I missed? Let me know & I would love to add them! Here is to hoping (early) 2010 brings us an epic 'Eclipse' trailer! *cheers*

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Anonymous said...

Your website is SO awesome! the best Twilight site i have ever scene! Its nice to know that someone LOVES Twilight as much as i do!!!!

Bella said...

Your website is sooooo cool! i can't wait til Eclipse comes out!! Are you team Edward or Team JAcob? Im team EDWARD of course!!! haha!

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