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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Press Junket Round Up and Some Fic Pimpage

Hi everyone! *waves* Well, things at MyTwilife have been...hectic. RL has been kicking both of our asses and things in Twi-land have been insane. I wasn't around to stay on top of all the press junket stuff when it first started happening, so now I'm miserably behind with no hope of catching up. However, bloggers better than myself have done a great job of getting all the interviews, pictures, and videos up, so I'll just link to them and you can watch til your heart's content. :)

Highlights to look out for: Rob talking about "glittah lube," Rob talking about the #leghitch and how it's "saucy," and Stewy giving Rob the finger at TwiTour. All good stuff.

Robert Pattinson Life has all of the MTV Rough Cut videos up. This is where he talks about the #leghitch. And here's their master post for Jimmy Kimmel Live. Funny story: a random, non-Twi, guy friend of mine just happened to text me last night and tell me that he was standing across the street from Kimmel's studios. I almost passed out. In my book, that basically makes me and Rob BFFs. #delusional.

Of course, Robsessed is great source for all things Rob and Twi related. They have tons of stuff, so I'd suggest taking and hour or 6 and watching everything they've got posted.

On a completely different subject, I'd like to take a moment to rec some stories that are pwning my ass right now. If you are under the age of 18 and click on any of these links, I will send the wolves after you. I'm serious. Otherwise, click and enjoy!

First off is @Myg's fabulous, wonderful new story Osa Bella. It's soooooooo good and well written. Here's the rundown:

"Bella is a school counselor, but Edward is posing as a student. Will Edward convince Bella to defy her head and follow her heart? Or will Bella conquer her desire and do what she believes is right?"

I highly suggest you check it out. She updates frequently and never disappoints.

I have to pimp my cupcake @Becky_Boodle's fantastic story And Then You. It features both an Edward and a Turtle that I'm quite fond of. I'm also her beta, so I can tell you with some authority that things are gonna get gooooooood. Check it out. :)

My good friend @texaskatherine has written a one-shot called Going Down? that is H.O.T. She's entered it in a contest and will be continuing it sometime in the near future. I've read bits and pieces of chapter 2 and it's so funny and unique. Don't be late to the party on this one!

Summer of Salt by @sweetlolapop is another fantastic one. It makes me wish I was 21 again. She's only got one more chapter left, so if you're looking for a completed fic, this is a great place to start. It's funny, angsty, sexy, and sunny. I love it.

And I have no shame, so I'll do a little self-pimpage now. ;) I finally started posting my story Beale Street. There's a mule, an Edward, and a cussing parrot. Can't go wrong there, can you?

If you check out any of these fantastic authors, please be sure to leave them some love. Reviews really do make our day, even if it's just a quick hello to let them know you love the story!
Hope everyone is having a fantastic Tuesday so far, and I'll try to stay on top of all the news that's fit to blog from here on out!

Oh, and P.S....I'm leaving you with this AWESOME picture that my homegirl @OhMyCarlisle took over the weekend at TwiTour. They asked Rob what his favorite movie was and he said The Runaways. Can I just say again how much I effing love Kristen Stewart? :)

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My Twilife said...

Thanks so much for posting this great roundup Meg!! I love you!

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