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Monday, November 8, 2010

Isle Esme & Edward & Bella's Love Shack Revealed!

Edward will be skinny dipping in that water.......*sigh*

 See more pictures including inside shots of the Love Shack here.

According to Twifans we now have info on where the headboard breaking will be taking place for Breaking Dawn:

I don't think we will be receiving much information about the house since it's in utter seclusion and under extreme tight security. We can tell you however what has happened so far...

Reportedly, the original furniture of the house are being saved and protected and being replaced with furniture that fit the description of the book by Stephenie Meyer are being put in place.
Besides furniture, there is already heavy equipment and three generators, two of them being at sea and one in the house at the Isle Esme location.

Everyone involved with the film production, foreign and Brazilian, were summoned to a meeting Saturday where they were informed that it will be forbidden to bring cameras or cell phones to the filming. If anyone brings a recording device or gives the press information they will be dismissed and the person may be prosecuted.

Since yesterday a boat from the port is already located to support the security of the site.

To transport the actors Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson they will use a helicopter to land on the nearby mansion, the pilot of motoring Xande Negrao, which is located 5 minutes by boat as reported earlier.

Source: FoForks 

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