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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

James Franco Wants to do a Skit with Rob, Kristen & Taylor @ The Oscars!

I had heard rumors that James Franco wanted to be a part of Breaking Dawn, but didn't know it was true! 

But how epic would it be if he did do a skit with Rob, Kristen & Taylor @ The Oscars?? Or got Rob to sing with him (he is the host after all) *swoon*

See what he has to say to MTV about it all:

It's not news that James Franco is a "Twilight" fan (we found that out at the Toronto Film Festival), but we didn't know just how much he loved the series. Apparently he went as far as to ask Bill Condon if he could be a part of "Breaking Dawn," and Bill turned him down!

Maybe it's because James' star power rivals that of Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, or maybe it's because James openly admitted he found the story's sex scene to be a "letdown after all that buildup," but for whatever reason Mr. Franco just couldn't find a way into Forks, Washington. That doesn't mean he's given up, though. James told Jimmy Kimmel last night on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" (via the L.A. Times) that he had been talking with "Milk" producer Bruce Cohen, who is also producing the Oscars, about doing a skit with Rob, Kristen and Taylor (long before he was selected to host).

"We'd been talking about doing something, and we'd been talking for six months, and I wanted to do a bit with the 'Twilight' kids. I wanted to be a part of that movie, by the way," James said. "I thought, 'Well, Bruce, maybe I could sing with Rob Pattinson or something on the Oscars.' We figured they took themselves a little too seriously and they wouldn't be up for that."

Though it sounds like James may have given up on his "Twilight" dream, it all worked out for the best considering he's now hosting the big night. All we have to say is: It's not too late, James! How amazing would it be if Robert Pattinson and James Franco opened up the show with a singing skit? Rob certainly doesn't take himself too seriously to be interested in that, and now that James is hosting he must have some extra sway.

Or, if he can't get Rob, Kristen or Taylor to play along, maybe James and Anne Hathaway could just do a skit themselves? James said he wanted to be a part of the films, and we could see him as Edward and Anne as Bella. Not as good as the real deal, but we'd buy it.

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