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Thursday, January 7, 2010

A New Moon Header From Mrs. Vanquish!

If you did not know already, the fabulous Mrs. Vanquish not only has a great Twilight Blog, Let's Ride the Vanquish, but she recently started her own blog design site, Twispired Blog Designs! She is the one responsible for my new look! :)

Anyway, I wanted a 'New Moon' themed header & she agreed to make one for me! (Which I am sure she is regretting as I can never make up my mind.) But, she stuck with me and made me this AMAZING new header!


I wanted it to be Edward & Bella driven as I am a diehard TEAM EDWARD girl, but also wanted to give you Team Jacob girls something to look at! Plus, we all know Jake plays an important role in Bella's life, so I needed to include him in there too! :) I also requested some "Strutward" in there because well...He.Owns.Me. (Him & Vanity Fair Rob)

So, the moral of the story is I have a great new header & Mrs. V is the BEST! Just check out all the great stuff she does:

Are you wanting a new look for your blog? Go visit her & have a look at her design porfolio!

Do you want some sweet (FREE) buttons like these:

 Button Be Safe. Button Ecplise Button

She even has some Free Premade layouts she will gladly install for you! She can also make you a signature (like my xoxo, MyTwilife) a navagation bar or a post divider! She really is awesome, so click the button below & give her a visit!

Twispired blogdesign

Thanks again Mrs. V! <3

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Mrs. Vanquish said...

Thanks for the love and the shout out:) the most important thing is that you are happy with it!


My Twilife said...

I am! And you are welcome! :)


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