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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Old, But Swoon Worthy Deleted 'Twilight' Scene

I was over learning more about Fragile Little Human when I spotted this video clip (which is where her blog name came from) and just swooned all over again...even though you too have probably seen is SO worth seeing again! *sign*

And since we are talking about swoon worthy Twilight Scenes, I HAD to include the EPIC cafeteria scene...which is probably my all time favorite Twilight scene...I mean when Edward comes in...***SQUEEEEEEE****

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RaShell said...

You know, as much as I love-love-love them walking along looking happy and goofing around, and the "fragile little human" comment... I never really "got" that scene. Why did she stick her finger in her mouth? and he BIT it? It's just doesn't seem realistic (as far as Twilight Vampire reality goes ;))
Cafeteria scene though, definitely one of the all time favorites :)

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