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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dakota Fanning on Cover of V Magazine; Talks The Runaways

Dakota Fanning is going to be on the cover of V Magazine which will hit newsstands on January 14th. She talks about The Runaways & her sexy kiss with costar Kristen Stewart:

Dakota Fanning is amused that she is finally able to wear a size zero clothes without having them taken in. Dakota told V Magazine: ‘Now that I’m getting older, I’m finally getting to the point where I can fit into those things’.About her role on The Runaways (sexy wild child rocker with a girl-on-girl kiss), she dished: ‘I really enjoyed doing that subject matter for the first time in a biopic, because it really happened, it’s not just a made-up story about a 15-year-old running wild. It’s a true story of her evolution from good Valley Girl to bad rock ‘n roll princess’.

She shared about her kissing Kristen Stewart: ‘It’s passionate,they were just as close as two could get’.

About drugs, specially the cocaine: ‘It’s actually crushed B vitamins. Kristen and I were, like, our hair is gonna grow a lot from these’.

Wow! Dakota looks great, totally reminds me of Twiggy in that picture! I am really looking forward to seeing The Runaways!
I also found this little excerpt in V Magazine's blog. Cory Becker, who plays Joey Ramone in The Runaways talks about Dakota & Kristen:

On playing Joey Ramone in The Runaways:

Living Things were going to do the music for the runaways film it didn’t end up happening but what was fun is that we learned all the songs and jammed them for Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning when they were rehearsing. It was amazing working with the girls. We’d be playing and Dakota would go kind of nuts and start screaming the lyrics—she’s an incredible actress. She’s really graceful, would show up on set with a backpack and pastel cardigan, but as soon as the music started she became Cherie Currie, super aggressive forward powerful, owning the microphone, she really really nailed it. Kristin Stewart completely nailed Joan Jett too. She’s legendary, we played at the Roxy and Floria brought Kristen and Kristen had the full on Joan Jett haircut and she had her hood up. Anyone that’s really talented has a lot of focus—Kristen a deep peace in it, even when playing a chaotic punk.

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