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Friday, January 1, 2010

Excellent Fan Made 'New Moon' Video. (Plus How I Reeled The Hubs into Seeing it Again!)

Just makes me wanna go see it again! Hmmm...I think I will tomorrow! In fact I think the Hubs agreed to it earlier today. It went something like this:

Me: New Moon is playing at the cheap theater now, you should take me to see it tonight. (You see, he only agreed to see it the first time with me because the tickets were free, so I knew the "cheap" part would reel him in)

Hubs: *inhales slowly* Well, tonight is video game night. (You see even though he is 29 years old, him and his buddies still get together and play video games till the wee early hours of the morning like they are 12)

Hubs: *says very sweetly* But we could go tomorrow night. (long pause...Hubs is looking confused...lightbulb turns on) Wait...what am I saying?!

Me: *Laughing* HA! Yay!!! We are seeing it tomorrow!!!!

Hubs: *still looking stunned*

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Annie Cristina said...

Good for you! My boyf made a big deal about not wanting to see "New Moon," so I went to see it without him ... twice. Now he complains that he didn't get to see it with me, heh heh.

My Twilife said...

@AnnieCristina MEN! They have problems! I am excited to see it! After he saw it he says "well it wasn't that bad" and he is EXCITED to see 'Eclipse' (I might have told him about all the fighting!) ;)

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