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Monday, August 31, 2009

Fan Takes The Ocean to Gil Birmingham!

My Twilife reader @ Vixen_Vamp tweeted me telling me about her trip to the Twi Tour in Phoenix & meeting Gil:

...Sure as shit Gil TWEETED ME!!!! He told me to bring the ocean, he heard it was hot in Phoenix!.. So I set out to get Gil the ocean. It was tuesday, my flight was leaving on thursday, I had ONE day to make this happen... Wednesday, I would take my daughter and we would go to the ocean... so who would have thought when the weather man said 'chance of rain" he would actually mean STAY IN YOUR HOUSE... Tornado warnings, thunder, lightning, 10.5 inches of rain (8 in a 4 hour period), the water came up over the hood of my little Mitsubishi Eclipse... Did that stop me? HELL NO. I braved it all to get Gil his Ocean...
I packed it away with my shampoos and perfumes, effectively hiding it from TSA... teehehe, we boarded our plane in Eastern NC and made our way to PHOENIX ARIZONA!
Here is a pic of me and Gil with his ocean... I hope he remembers it. I always will!

Awww, that is so cool! Thanks Chauntelle!

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