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Friday, August 28, 2009

Interview with Taylor Lautner: Talks About the Two Sides of Jacob

This week's Fansite Friday edition is an interview with Taylor Lautner. Here is an excerpt:

Q: How easy was it for you to bond with the rest of the Quileute wolves?

Taylor: Pretty easy. Yeah it’s so cool to have them up here. They’re a lot of cool guys, and we hung out off set so our chemistry can click on set. Yeah it’s a lot of fun to have them here they are really great guys.

Q: I’ve got to tell you I was a huge fan of “My Own Worst Enemy” I loved what you were doing on there. What did you take from that experience to bring into this?

Taylor: You know it was just really awesome to work with Christian Slater on that. He’s such a great guy: so professional, definitely learned a lot from him on that. Kind of funny thing is that show, I’d study him. He has a split personality, two totally different guys.

Q: I know I was thinking of that-

Taylor: Who’s Jacob in this movie? So yea I can definitely learn a lot from Christian Slater.

Q: Do you find it hard to switch between the two personalities- since you do have before the wolfpack and after the wolfpack is it hard to switch when you are doing different scenes?

Taylor: Sometimes you will film a pre transformation Jacob and a post transformation Jacob on the same exact day. So you do have to click over, but it’s really cool because it’s challenging and I like challenging myself as an actor. So I just hope I can bring both sides of Jacob alive for all the fans

Read the rest here.

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