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Monday, August 31, 2009

It's Mindless Monday Y'all!

Monday's are a drag...hard to get to help get your morning going I am bringing you Mindless Monday!

Don't expect anything enlightening...I mean come on...this is Mindless Monday!

There are so many HAWT Rob Videos out there, and they seem to be my fix for a Mindless Monday, so hopefully they do it for you too!

First up is a Rob video set to Supermassive Black Hole, or as STY from Twitarded says, "Supermassive Whack a Mole"
(which I always think of whenever I hear this song)

This next video is all Rome Rob...I looooove me some Rome Rob...*shudders*

Robert Pattinson Personal Jesus
by robert-pattinsondotca

And last but certainly not least, this beauty which no words are good enough for:

{1st vid Source via Lost Immortal}
{2nd & 3rd vids via Twitarded}

Happy Monday!

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