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Friday, August 28, 2009

Midnight Screening of New Moon for Austrailian Fans!

If you live in Melbourne (Australia), then there is going to be a special screening at Village Cinemas of Twilight on 11-18-09 at 9.30PM followed by a special advanced screening of NEW MOON at 12.01AM 11-19-09!

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SuzieQ said...

I bought my tickets a couple of nights ago to see it at the Picadilly Cinema in North Adelaide, South Australia on 11-18-09. Twilight @ 9.30 pm and then New Moon...sooooooooooooooo bloody excited!!!! I twittered you after I bought my tickets. You could have posted this 2 days ago if you'd noticed hehee


My Twilife said...

WHAT??! I check my Twitter all the time and I didn't see that you sent me! I would have posted it then, oh well, better late than never I guess! I hope they have a midnight showing here where I live, otherwise I will be PISSED!!!

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