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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rob Zombie Talks Twilight & KStew

MTV talked with Rob Zombie about his new movie Halloween II & the topic of Twilight came up (because it always does!):

"Vampires seem to be the monster that pops up the most frequently, because it's hard to do other ones," Zombie explained to MTV News. "It's hard to make a sexy wolf-man." (I am sure Team Jacob girls would disagree!)

While Zombie — whose slasher sequel arrives in theaters Friday — is unlikely to tackle the tween turf on a professional level, even a horror filmmaker of his reputation can't avoid some mild vampire exposure as a viewer. "I think it's cool," he conceded. "I haven't really watched any of these shows, [but] I did see 'Twilight.' It was fine. I had no problems with it."....But Zombie's own one-sentence review of "Twilight" might be even more priceless: "I'm sure I'd enjoy it a lot more if I was a 14-year-old girl!"

He even likes KStew!:

Still, even Zombie can appreciate what "Twilight" has to offer, despite being far from the movie's target demographic. The director praised the work of leading woman Kristen Stewart, who plays the mortal Bella in the vampire franchise. "I really like Kristen Stewart," he admitted. "I think she's great. She's really good. I saw her the other night in 'Adventureland,' and she's great. She's cool."

Read it all here.


sparkle for twilight said...

I love it when I read about other celebs and their <3 for Twilight and Kristen!

My Twilife said...

Me too! Thanks for commenting! :)

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