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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jackson Rathbone's "Girlfriend" Revealed

No, not that kind of girlfriend...sorry!

As you may recall, Jackson is starring in and producing the 2010 film "Girlfriend." and Hollywood Crush has an interview with Shannon Woodward, who was just cast as Candy, the former high school sweetheart of Jackson's character:

HOLLYWOOD CRUSH: Tell me a bit about "Girlfriend" — what is your character like?
SHANNON WOODWARD: "Girlfriend" is kind of like a strange love story, but with several different people involved. I think my character is kind of a troubled, incredibly young mother who has very different and, at some points, very strained and strange relationships with several different people, like romantic relationships.

Had you met Jackson before?
I have not met Jackson. I've heard good things about him.

Are you ready for all the "Twilight" hysteria that's going to follow you now that you're connected to someone who stars in the vampire franchise?
Oh gosh. No no, but Id be honored. I should be so lucky for people to care.

Have you seen "Twilight"?
Have I seen "Twilight"? Who hasn't? Of course Ive seen it! [Laughs]

Read more at MTV.

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