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Monday, June 29, 2009

2009 Vision Awards

Twilight was honored as a film of vision at the 2009 Vision Awards on Saturday and some of the Twilight Cast was in attendance:

"While on the red carpet, Miss Greene was still sporting a ring on her wedding finger, but quickly told Radar Online that it was Jasper’s ring, saying, “I had it filming Twilight and I just kept it on.”

"Then asked her how she sees her life as having changed since her vampire film’s success, Ashley answered, “How hasn’t it changed?”

According to Newmoonmovie no one got pictures with Taylor:

"Taylor Lautner’s publicist would not let him do any press, take photos, or meet any fans. That was a huge disappointment, especially considering it was a relaxed, formal event, with a fairly small number of people in attendance. It didn’t really seem necessary. I was lucky enough to see Taylor arrive, so I saw him from about 3 feet away. But I wasn’t able to talk with him, or get a picture, due to his publicist. He was very cute though! But the rest of the Twilight cast in attendance was mingling with everyone, and I got to meet them all."

Radar Online also has a video interview with some of the stars:

"Christian told that Rob and Kristen "Have been really chill," about all the attention they're getting and warned that guys out there need to "Take it up a notch dude, be more like Edward!" Check out our video to see Ashley and Christian, and learn what Billy Burke's daugther is doing in her crib!"

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