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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Apply For Affiliation

Do you have a Twilight-related fansite or blog? You can now apply for affiliation with My Twilife! I honor Top Affiliates and Regular Affiliates. If you are interested in becoming a top affiliate, I will visit your site and make sure it's all good before I add you as a Top Affiliate (Top affiliates buttons are displayed on my sidebar above regular affiliates. Regular affiliates do not have a button, just a link to their page.) If you are interested in being a top affiliate I need a button for your site. I will take most sizes unless it's abnormally large, but I prefer 100x35 buttons!

To apply, please fill out the form below! You must also link back to my site with one of these buttons within a week of requesting affiliation.

My Twilife

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Email Address:

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Site Name

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Talie said...

I've affliated you could it be done back? :D

Misti said...

I'm not sure if my affiliation application went through. Please let me know if it did not.


HersheyKissez said...

The affiliate application wasnt sending through. Hope you dont mind me posting the info here.

name: Nicole & Kim
blog name: TwiRemedy
I'm Nicole, my friend Kim and I both operate the blog. She's Team Edward and I'm Team Jacob, which brings a unique twist to the blog. We write about some news updates along with funny Twilight stuff we find and our opinions about various Twilight-related topics. We try to blog about all cast members, not just the Cullens, Bella and Wolfpack. About us?: We're both in our early 20s, love all things Twilight! We try to blog on a daily basis but that get a little difficult at times since I'm in college full-time and Kim works full time. If we're not able to be a Top Affiliate then we're fine with being a regular affiliate. If you have questions send us an e-mail! Thanks!

Ariel said...

Im gonna leave my info here too, because it doesn't work the form :) hope you don't mind..

name: Ariel

Top affiliates

blog name: All Kristen Stewart

button 100x35 url:

Hi! I've started a blog a while ago about Kristen Stewart, I'm constatly getting better with blogging, and improving myself because I love this blog :)
Hope you'll like it!
This blog is all about Kristen, her life, her movies, her news, her style!
Contact me if you want!

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