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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ash on Fans Reactions to "Twilight Relationships"

E! Online met up with Ashley Greene at Sunday's Vision Awards and talked with her about fan opinions about Twilight actors and their relationships:

Why do you think fans either need Rob and Kristen or you and Jackson to be together, or need you to be apart?
I think maybe part of it is the fans see that relationship onscreen and want it to be real, which is great for all of us to hear because at least we're doing a good job portraying the fact that we're absolutely enamored with each other. And of course, there's real chemistry there. On the other extreme, it's usually because they really just don't like one of us!

That's so candid! And true probably.
People usually think one person is better than the other.

Do you guys ever see comment boards where fans, shall we say, express their feelings about all you guys?
Oh sure. I mean, I've heard "Ashley is so not good enough for Jackson," and I'm like, oh my God!

Rob and Kristen get a lot of that too…
Yeah, they get a lot of "No, he can't date her."

Does it get to you guys?
We can't let it! We're all just like, all right whatever!

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