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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Must, Must Read!

I love Twitarded...they ROCK...I can't even explain how much I heart reading their posts! And their latest one is no exception! So, there I was at work today being all "professional" and conspicuously trying to read their latest antics (all the while everyone else thinks I am see my Twilight obsession is still in the closet around coworkers) So anyway, I was reading as I said, and laughing my ass off...OUT LOUD mind you (not good when you are not "out"...know what I mean?!)
So anyway as I am in my own Twisessed world reading and laughing away I hear "what is so funny" from my coworkers? Ah Holy hell, what in the 'H' am I supposed to say...something like "oh Twitarded has their 100-ish ways Twilight has changed my life list up and it is H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S, I relate to about 90% of these?!" I THINK NOT! So today was just another reminder that I have two separate lives fighting for my undivided attention, My Twilife and My RealLife...So thank you Twitarded for making My Twilife so much better!

Here are some of my fav excerpts from Twitarded's 100-ish ways that Twilight has changed my life list:

I cannot remember the last movie I was aching to see before it even finished shooting. Waiting for New Moon is torture the likes of children waiting for Santa.

I am in constant fear of being reprimanded for inappropriate use of the Internet while at work (this included).

My work ethic has absolutely landed in the toilet. B.T. ["Before Twilight"] - I actually used to work at work, accomplish tasks in a timely, diligent manner. A.T. ["After Twilight"] - not so much. I actually find myself in a homicidal rage when customers and co-workers interrupt my OCD Blog reading/Twilight reading/Edward daydreaming shenanigans.

I now find anyone (and I mean anyone, even the old fat greeter at Walmart) named Edward hot by osmosis. I hear/see that name and my body instantly reacts before I can stop it.
As you can see, you MUST go here and read the entire thing...oh and heed their warnings! I learned from experience on that one!


Snarkier Than You said...

LOL!!! Thanks for posting about this - we LOVE the "100 List" and are so proud of all the great people who contributed!! I think EVERY Twi-fan - well, every ADULT Twi-fan - would appreciate this - how could they not?!

and I lurv lurv LURV the pictures you posted here - too funny!

I forget if we've added you yet but if we haven't already linked up, you're on the list for our next additions to the blogroll. : )

My Twilife said...

@Snarkier Than You, you are welcome! I heart you guys and your blog! You crack my shit up everytime! And I thought that walmart greeter was pretty damn sexy, no?! LOL! Anyway, you did add me already! MUCH THANKS! Keep doing what your doing!

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