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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kellan: A Karaoke MASTER?!

Tiger Beat & Bop recently interviewed Kellan Lutz:

Q: Now certain movies you guys did a lot of stuff off set too, um, but even on set, I know some other casts play golf together, table tennis competitions. Did you guys do anything of that sort on the set of New Moon?

A: Uh, we really didn’t have anything as far as being in L.A., we know our stomping grounds, so when we shoot here, we all have our favorite places like Big Z’s or Barney’s Beanery, where we can go play Wii and hang out. But a lot of times we just would find a local karaoke bars or dive bars where Jackson or Rob could play and just kind of mellow out there or we’ll just buy games and just bring games up to our hotel room and all just get together, and you know, play games together.

Q: Karaoke though, that’s pretty interesting. What is your karaoke song?

A: I don’t try and sing. I don’t have a bad voice. I usually make a fool out of myself. So it’s really whatever. I like it when my friends randomly pick a song. I’m not so knowledgeable with who sings what. I don’t know, music is not really my forte. I enjoy listening to it, but lyrics and learning lyrics or who sings what, that’s not me. So, so yeah, it kinda just happens. Pick songs Britney Spears, sometimes it’s Justin Timberlake and I just have fun.

Q: Who in the cast would you say is the karaoke champion?

A: Well, see, that’s a tough choice right there cause Peter and Edi, they have a lot of musical background but they also have fun and they rock out. But if it’s who has the best voice, then it’s Rob and Jackson. So, you know Rob knows a lot of types of music, but mainly in a certain genre-same with Jackson. Whereas, you could tell with Peter, Edi to go sing a country song and they’d jump up there and throw on a little accent and get crazy with it.

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