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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Amazing EW Pictures!

EW has 10 pictures from Taylor & Kristen's Photoshoot up:
Way too cute: Jacob, your breaking down my Team Edward defenses....NOOOOOOOO
He's 17, He's 17, He's 17.....

Oh my gosh, after reading New Moon (AGAIN) and seeing this picture...I have a whole new place in my heart for Jacob. *tear*

She really can be gorgeous!
Kristen's eyes look far the best picture of her...EVER!


ShelleyR25 said...

That is a beautiful pic of her....the rest are awesome too!!

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry but i really thought you (the person who owns the blog) is team robward and that was why this was my fav blog and now you're turn in i don't know why but i'm kinda disappointed guess i'm done here and maybe that goes to your other team robward readers

My Twilife said...

@ Anonymous OH FOR PITYS SAKE...I am Team Edward and LOVE Rob...but this blog is also called MY Twilife and is also about all things Twilight saga related...and if you noticed, New Moon is practically all about Jacob and Bella...I am not turning to Team Jacob, just sayin that these are great pics and really portray the relationship I picture Bella and Jacob having...calm down...take a breath and relax...TEAM EDWARD!!! I do post pics and info about ALL cast members, sorry.

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