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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Chris Weitz: Jane is "genuinely scary"

I have to admit, I am excited as hell to see the Volturi on screen! And especially Jane, because you know, Dakota is a little girl next door. So to hear C-Dub say this about her role as Jane gets me pumped!

MTV: What can you tell us about Dakota Fanning's performance as the evil vampire Jane?

Weitz: Well, it's the scariest performance probably you've seen out of her so far, because she's evil for once in her career. I think she really appreciated the chance to do that.

MTV: Yeah, she must turn that "adorable Dakota Fanning" thing on its ear.

Weitz: Absolutely. But what you expect from Dakota Fanning is uncannily grown-up, experienced and clever acting — and that's what she did. I think she was just keen to do this part and to be part of the franchise, and she is genuinely scary.

Read the rest here at MTV. He also discusses Taylor Lautner.

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