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Friday, August 21, 2009

Did Boo Boo Make A Boo Boo? 5 Movies?!

Access Hollywood interviewed Boo Boo Stewart and he said...WAIT...what did he say?! Holy shizz, could it be...5 movies?!:

New “Twilight Saga” cast member Boo Boo Stewart has some big news for fanpires.

“I heard there’s going to be three more movies,” he told Access Hollywood’s Laura “Dish of Salt” Saltman in a new interview. “‘Eclipse,’ ‘Breaking Dawn,’ and there should be one more.”

The star’s rep also noted the additional films when Boo Boo’s casting was announced to Access.

“Boo Boo Stewart will play the character Seth Clearwater in the next three installments of the wildly popular ‘Twilight’ film franchise based on the best-selling novels by Stephenie Meyer,” the rep said in a statement.

Only three movies in the series, “Twilight,” “New Moon” (due Nov. 20) and “Eclipse” have been confirmed by Summit Entertainment, who did not return calls when contacted by Access regarding news of the additional films.

“Breaking Dawn” is the fourth and final book in Stephenie Meyer’s series. Should a fifth film come to light, it is unknown if it would stem from a new story – or follow the “Harry Potter” franchise’s lead and split the final book into two films.

Boo Boo begins his “Twilight” career with filming this September in “Eclipse,” the third film in the series, as wolfpack member Seth Clearwater. The film is due in May 2010.

“In the first movie, he’s introduced and the part gets bigger as the movies go on,” Boo Boo told The Dish. “Jacob’s the biggest [werewolf] and then he’s right there.”

That would be a dream come true for me...well, so would Rob showing up on my doorstep, but that's neither here nor there...

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