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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Forbes List: Hollywood's 10 Most Powerful Vampires

Forbes compiled a list of Hollywood's 10 Most Powerful Vampires (in terms of $mulah$):

"Vampires have become a substitute for fairy tales that adults couldn't tell themselves anymore," says William Patrick Day, professor of cinema and English at Oberlin College and author of Vampire Legends in Contemporary American Culture: What Becomes a Legend Most. "Vampires are dangerous and sexy and powerful and they have what humans want--immortality."

And they create what companies want: cash. According to Box Office Mojo, vampire films have grossed $1.3 billion since 1978, with an average opening gross of $15 million.

Our own Edward Cullen hit the list at #5!

Go here to read the whole article and see the slideshow of all of Hollywood's most powerful vamps.

{via Twifans}

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