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Friday, August 14, 2009

His Golden Eyes Interviews Wyck Godfrey

His Golden Eyes has a great interview with Producer Wyck Godfrey. He talks about how Kristen really gets Bella and how each book brings something new:

Do you have a different feel this time around, than last time? More secure, or…?

...It’s hard to get too worked up, I mean the actors are so comfortable, and it’s not a lot of constant second guessing. I mean they’ve all now read the books, so now they have a much stronger understanding of the franchise as a whole. Kristen is so amazingly on it, in terms of what Bella would say, and what she would do. Like we will be in a scene, and she will be like, “No, Bella wouldn’t do that, she would do this.” And your like, she’s right! She’s got it. She’s so amazing in this film. I mean, the levels that she lets herself go to, in terms of being torn apart. We were talking to Jillian and Aaron from the studio, and they’re all watching the dailies, like, “We are going to have to hand out boxes of Kleenex!” Like every time you watch a scene, you’re like, that was even more emotional than the last scene! I mean you’ve got Edward breaking up with Bella, and you’ve got Jacob in the rain when she shows up and he hasn’t returned her calls, it’s the most heartbreaking scene, it’s amazing. Then, the final scene of the movie, we shot her saying goodbye to Jacob, it’s just great.

Does it almost feel like you are making three different movies? You’ve got Cullens, you’ve got Werewolves, you’ve got Voluri.

Yes, and next we’ll have newborns! So that’s the greatest thing, I mean you guys know, every book brings something new to the table. So you’re always getting something that’s like, “Oh my gosh, how is that going to play out?” I just can’t wait to shoot the birth scene in Breaking Dawn.

Read the whole interview at His Golden Eyes.

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