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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jennie Garth Says Twilight Fans Have Showed Up @ The Facinelli House

Jennie Garth, wife of Peter Facinelli, tells Momlogic that Twilight fans have actually shown up at their house?!

Jennie filled us in on just how far rabid fans of Peter's "Twilight" character, Dr. Cullen, have gone to get close to her supernatural superstar hubby. "We have actually had fans and people from other countries show up at our house."

While they have seen "Twilight," the Facinelli girls still can't watch any of mom's steamier shows, like "90210." But even so, it seems the whole family picked up some fancy footwork while watching Jennie work those sequined costumes in "Dancing with the Stars." "Sometimes we have our own dance parties and put on the radio and we all dance together in the living room," she tells us.

Check out the rest of the article about PFach's super
cute family here.

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