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Monday, August 17, 2009

Leah Clearwater Hopeful Talks About Auditioning

(Not sure who to source for this amazing fan art, if you know let me know!)

The Twilight Examiner has an interesting article on her t5m site about actress Kyla Bearheels who auditioned for the role of Leah Clearwater. Although the role is yet to be filled, here is what she had to say about auditioning:

“Unfortunately, I haven’t been asked to come back to audition. But it was such an honor to get a call from Rene and to go up for the role,” Bearheels said.

“Reading the lines, she tends to get angry a lot because she’s had a lot of heartache in her past. But at the same time, she’s really vulnerable,” Bearheels said of her character.

While she had to look angry, Bearheels also had only an hour to convey a sense of vulnerability and a softer side to her character. When it was finished, she had only a few minutes of tape to submit to the studios.

“It was difficult,” she said.

The tape was submitted to the producers and director Chris Weitz, who replaced director Catherine Hardwicke. …

In the meantime, Bearheels goes on with her life. She will arrive in South Dakota this week to act in an independent movie being filmed in Aberdeen.

“The thing is, even if she doesn’t land this role, Rene Haynes went looking for Kyla. She was invited to audition,” Hawk said.

Read the full article here and check out the rest of the Twilight Examiner's article here.

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