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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Moon Trailer HQ Scans

UPDATE: Even More Screen caps from MTV!
A Clearer Look at Victoria...eeek!
Close up of Jane...WOWZA! Perfect!
Criminey...I don't remember any boys @
my High School lookin like that!
The Smokin' Hot Wolfpack

And the ones from Thinking of Rob: jealous right now...

Can Not Wait to see this scene!
FIERCE...I Will Miss You! (Personally think you got hosed)
Meeting the Volturi...*Squee*
WOW...that scene is going to be intense!
Scary Jane...She looks Fierce! Perfect!

Thanks to Thinking of Rob for the HQ Screencaps! YES there are more, s go here to see them all!

1 comment:

DandHRoberts said...

Loving the new vamp eyes. There amazing. Way better then Twilights.

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