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Friday, August 14, 2009

Weekend Tw-EYE Candy: Rob's Scruff


I love your scruff, among other things about you of course...You know I love your hair, and when you run your hands through it (*shudders*) I love your button fly jeans (GAWD those things are awesome!), love when you smoke (I know it is bad for you and it stinks...but it so damn HOT watchin you puff on that cig!) but the scruff...whew, really does it for me!

And since I like torturing deluding myself with false hope that you might care what I is how things go in my warped imagination:

Wait, what did she say??! She wants scruff? Let me see what I can do...

How is this?!

Getting there baby, keep going...Love the bedroom eyes though...Rawr!

Stop... you are embarrasing really like it?

Hell yes I like it, now keep growing it out you sexy beast...

Here you go baby, a side view...looking better?

Oh yeah you know I like it like that...give me more...

How about now? Right there?

No keep it coming...mama wants more!

Ohhhh, you are a naughty little thing...

You know I am show me what you got!

BAM...How you like this?! Have I satisfied you now?

Holy shit I did...*shudders*

I know Edward, you are pissed you don't get any sexy scruff...I am too...I mean don't get me wrong, you are totally hot but I am partial to the scruff...don't get all jealous on me I love you too...But I mean Edward is only 17 and I don't remember seeing any 17 year olds running around my high school looking like this:

(sorry about rubbing it in, I just wanted an excuse to post this pic again!)

Let's look on the bright side...maybe New Moon will allow you some puberty-esque scruff! *fingers crossed*


Anonymous said...

OMG - totally agree on the twice posted pic. Made my heart literally skip a beat.

My Twilife said...

Mine too...srsly so HAWT...give me some water plz! How can one be so hot?!

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