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Monday, June 22, 2009

Another Reason To Love Rob

Just in case you need another one, E! Online reports Rob is not a diva:

After Rob's sketchy security sitch over in NYC, which left our boy straight-up vulnerable to the crazy fans, rumors swirled that R.P. was pissed. And rightfully so, don't you all think?

So what were Rob's crazy diva demands to the studio that basically owns him?

"He's always so relaxed and flexible—it's amazing. Someone with that star level has power. And he doesn't use it at all," dishes Deep Twi.

"Everyone just hopes he stays this way. It doesn't seem possible."

Maybe how much Summit & Co. loves Rob and Kristen shows in the treatment of the individual actors…just not them together.

We're amazed that with the media s--t storm Robsten is put through they remain as loyal as they do to their craft, studio and each other."

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