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Monday, June 15, 2009

Catherine Praises Taylor's Body

"I think he looks amazing," Hardwicke told Access Hollywood during the Women In Film
2009 Crystal and Lucy Awards on Friday night, June 12. "He's totally worked hard for it so he looked great."

Beside praising Taylor Lautner and his muscular body, Catherine Hardwicke admitted that she was really proud of the "Twilight"'s cast. "I'm so proud of the whole cast. They're all getting to do amazing movies. It's great," she testified.

Additionally, Hardwicke also felt very happy because "Twilight" won many awards, including Best Fight category, at 2009 MTV Movie Awards. The vampire drama film outdid summer blockbuster movie "". "We even won Best Fight!" she stated. "That was pretty cool. We beat Batman and all those movies. I was pretty proud of that."

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