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Monday, June 8, 2009

Eclipse Casting Info From Acting411 False?

Bella & Edward have a post claiming the info from Acting 411 is false. This is what they say:

We just received an email from Summit Entertainment regarding the blog who recently posted about Eclipse casting calls. Many of you have probably seen posts on the blog about other auditions and whatnot. THESE POSTS ABOUT ECLIPSE AUDITIONS ARE FALSE. Summit Entertainment says that their information does not come from the movie company but from someone else who is obviously giving them incorrect information.

Summit says:I noticed today (and frequently in the past) several sites reporting updates from regarding casting and crew information for THE TWILIGHT SAGA. This website is not always accurate. As a matter of fact, it's only right about 25% of the time. A prime example is today's post, which can be found here:

This post is false. You may remember when the same gentleman claimed "Paul Weitz will be directing Eclipse", and was reported by several sites as well (not just by you, the fans, but the LA Times, etc.).

The information they receive does not come from Summit, and whomever their source is ultimately feeding misinformation most of the time.

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