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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Get Bella's Cake

InStyle has the 411 on how you can have a cake just like Bella's:

The lovely people at InStyle have managed to uncover the confectioner behind Bella’s birthday cake, which appears in the first trailer for New Moon. Of course, the actual cake in the movie was fake, but the edible striped icing effect was created by confectioner Thomas Haas, owner of Thomas Haas Fine Chocolates in Vancouver. InStyle caught up with Haas’ wife and she walked them through the step by step process to creating this beautiful cake:

1. Cover each cake tier with a “mask” of white fondant [a thick, malleable icing]. Stack tiers from largest to smallest.
2. Separate one package of fondant into 5 batches. Use food coloring to tint each batch a different shade of green.
3. Roll each batch of fondant into a thin sheet and cut into strips of varying width.
4. Attach the strips around each tier using stiff royal icing as glue.
5. Place red, yellow and green Gerbera daisies around the bottom of each tier.
{via Twilighters Anonymous}

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