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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Interview with Jacob's Dad, Gil Birmingham

The Examiner has a great interview with Gil Birmingham, who plays Jacob Black's Father in the Twilight Sagas:

Describe the first time you met Taylor Lautner. Did you two connect on a deeper father/son level or strictly on a professional level? How has your relationship changed with the filming of New Moon?

There was an instant connection between us when we met, which comes through on film. When it comes to Taylor, you have to like him. He is so young, yet he is such a talented and well-grounded young man. I hope we can work together again in movies outside of the Twilight films.

Because Billy Black is one of the few Quileutes who is not a werewolf, your role adds a different level of complexity. What did you add to your character in order to seamlessly connect with Jacob’s character as well as the rest of the werewolf clan?

Billy simply loves his son and his family (tribe). Billy is the wise tribal leader, who, because he isn’t a werewolf, understands the dangers and complexities of the “tentative” peace between the Cullens and the Quileute tribe. He knows the dangers that the Cullens present to Bella and others. Billy is the glue that holds the tribe and its traditions together.

Read the entire interview here

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