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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Jamie Campbell Bower's Band 'The Darling Buds'

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Radar Online has a video of Jamie Campbell Bower (who plays Caius in New Moon) and his band The Darling Buds.

HisCrookedSmiles blogged from the set & got pic with the Jamie & Charlie:

"They were getting really into the songs and Jamie came right up to the very front edge of the stage and leaned into the crowd for some of his guitar solos (and a great photo op!) and for the last song, he was singing out-loud and playing on his knees, just going with it and ended up finishing the set by jamming on his back, writhing around and really into the music!

After the show, we spotted Charlie Bewley (Demetri in New Moon ­ bad vampire double bonus!) coming up to the stage to congratulate his friend on the great gig. Jamie jumped off the stage to take pictures with us and he asked my name and as we shook hands he said "you were at the last gig weren't you? I remember you!" How awesome is that? Jamie told me the Darling Buds are going on tour in November!

He chatted with us for a few minutes and then we went to find Charlie, who was outside ­ and when I asked him for a photo and he said "Sure - but I feel bad because it's Jamie's night" but then Jamie came and joined us and we got a couple of really fun group shots and Jamie joked "It's like a New Moon cast party right here!" He then thanked us profusely for coming and said "I hope to see you at the next gig," and we'll definitely be there!!"

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