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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kellan Lutz Interview: The "Perfect Emmett"

Twilight Moms has an exclusive interview with Kellan Lutz where he discusses a wide range of subjects, such as stuffed animals and Catherine calling him the perfect Emmett...I have to say I agree with her! Here is a sample of the interview:
TM: What is your favorite Twilight moment?
Kellan: Flying out to Oregon and doing the final audition to book Emmett for Catherine, since she was up there already prepping, and having finished my audition, having her saying, ” You’re My Perfect Emmett, You’re In!” Made my whole year! She is quite an amazing person and director!
TM: Have you been obsessed with anything before? We Twilight freaks wonder how normal it is to be this obsessed with these books!
Kellan: I have many obsessions! Mainly candy haha as well as wild cats like Snow Leopards, Lions, Tigers, all of them, I used to have so many statues around my room growing up as well as stuffed animals. I still have my childhood favorite stuffed animal in my room now in Los Angeles. He is a Snow Leopard named Sugar Loaf. Funny story with the name. I actually won him in one of those crane arcade game that you move around and drop to pick up a stuffed animal. This was around the time when Beanie Babies were blowing up and so I thought every stuffed animals name was on the tag, so I looked for it and the tag said Sugar Loaf. I was like, hmm that’s a strange name for a Snow Leopard but I didn’t want to change it and hurt his feelings. Five minutes later I won a clown fish out of the same machine and I looked for his name and it was also Sugar Loaf… and I thought to myself, okay now that is weird. Long story short I found out that the tag actually wasn’t the animals name but the actual manufacture name, but I kept it anyways for the Leopard. I am a dork I know.
Read entire interview here.
{via NMM}

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