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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lucky fan Blogs from New Moon set

One lucky fan was on the set of New Moon in Italy for the shirtless Edward scenes! Radaronline has the article where she blogs:

The fans were really out of control and some of them broke down in tears after seeing him walk around shirtless! In fact, sometimes the hysteria caused a lot of trouble for the filmmakers during the day. There were times where they’d line up the lighting
and actors, start rolling, call action…and no sooner had Kristen begun to run towards Robert, they’d shout “Stop!” Then they’d begin yelling at us through the speaker
in Italian to look at the door, because so many people had been staring at Rob. We had all been told to keep our hoods up and our cloaks closed, and to look only at the church—not what was happening between Rob and Kristen.

Ok, I have never seen Rob in person, but I seriously hope I would not break down in tears...come on people!

Read the entire article at Radaronline

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