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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Rob Wins E! Fanpage Olympics

"The judges have tallied their scores and named the top three most popular Fanpages in the categories of Musician, Actor, Twilighter and Why-Am-I-Famous? person.

Most Popular Twilighter
Robert Pattinson—Even though he phoned in his performance this week, there was no real competition here. Pattz is a vampy babe who's been trolling around New York City with pals and new costar Emilie de Ravin. What more do you expect from your reigning champ?
Kristen Stewart—Even with a mullet, we're just clicking away to watch her every pout. We just hope her hair grows back quickly once she's finished with this Joan Jett role.
Dakota Fanning—The upset of the season! In addition to her role in New Moon, she's been moonlighting as K.Stew's bestie, having lunch and everything. They're even doing that Joan Jett movie together, but she doesn't have to have a hideous haircut. "

Source: E! Online

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