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Monday, June 8, 2009

My Day as a Robsessed Mommy

Twilight Moonlighter's story inspired me to write about a day in the life of me: The Robsessed Mommy!

It starts when I wake up, and go straight to the computer to update before I even put pants on or brush my teeth...heck even before I start the coffee! My husband just gives me the look as he gets ready for work. (I stay home with our two kids, ages 3 and 16 months) So, like I said, I update for 15-20 minutes and then decide to make my coffee and brush my teeth. Putting on pants depends on what kind of night it was, I mean if Rob was busy, then obviously I will have to blog about it first, I mean who really needs pants!

Ok, so anyway I keep on blogging and drinking my morning joe until the kids wake up. Then it is breakfast, diapers and cartoons. I check all the news and make sure I didn't miss anything, check emails in case someone sent me some juicy New Moon news, and take a break to pee, if I have to go real bad.

After a while of blogging and taking care of the kids, I start to get paraniod...Crap, I have to do something so my husband doesn't know I spend all day blogging about Robert Pattinson and crew...ok throw in some laundry, he did hint around that he is running low on work pants...ok good, maybe I should put pants on too in case he decides to come home for lunch...ok laundry check, pants check...Blog some more...Crap what are my kids doing?...ok they are ok, but how did my house get so messy, how long was I blogging?....Ok throw in some more laundry...oh crap, husband is calling, stop typing, he can't think I blog all day...ok Blog some more....ok should probably make something substantial for dinner, don't think i can get away with Mac N Cheese again...ok supper is in oven, Blog some more...OH CRAP what was that noise?...Husband just pulled in driveway...X out, X out, Shut Down....Oh WHEWWW he didn't see me blogging...ok wait a reasonable amount of time after he gets home and guiltily say "well I should probably check my blog..."get the look from my husband again...

Repeat again tomorrow.....

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