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Friday, June 5, 2009

Yellow Porche scene in Italy

Ellie, whose journal entry can be read at Radar Online, has a new report from Italy where she was there for the filming of the Yellow Porche scene:

"It's Ellie here! Jen and I were lucky enough to work a second day on the set of New Moon during our whirlwind trip to Italy. We got to set at 5:00 a.m. It was freezing outside, but by 6:15, they started letting us in. We suspected fewer people would turn up that day-it was common knowledge that the actors had finished their scenes and wouldn't be on set.

The scene they were filming that day was the one where Ashley and Kristen make their way up Volterra to the Piazza in the yellow Porsche. We were supposed to act as if we didn't notice the car trying to get through the crowd until it honked and was near us, because obviously we had to get out of the way. We did the take several times, from all different directions and angles. They were using the body doubles that day and Ashley's double was a man, which we found pretty hilarious! (Alice doesn't have a 'stache!) We figured they chose him because of his driving experience. He was clearly very adept at maneuvering the car through the narrow streets."

Found via NewMoonMovie

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