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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Eclipse Filming Deets

The Vancouver Sun shares some deets about Eclipse filming locations:

Production details for Eclipse, which began shooting here Monday and is projected to wrap Oct. 31, are so top secret that the film is being shot under a code name.

Well, we’ve broken the code. Vampire lovers on the Twilight trail should be looking for production signs bearing the letters TSE — the insiders-only name used for the production of Eclipse.

New Moon used USM, which stood for Untitled Sports Movie to disguise its locations.

This working title, TSE (presumably for Twilight Saga: Eclipse) is listed on the Directors Guild of Canada website.

The cloak-and-dagger approach is supposed to throw vamp-fans some garlic and keep them off the scent, but Twilight lovers were already twittering about it earlier this week.

The operation is so covert, even top Vancouver casting people aren’t getting the locations and call times for actors until hours before.

What we do know from our sources is that cast and crew had a call to show up in Langley late Wednesday for an all-night shoot. (They are vampires, after all.)

The shoot moves to Vancouver on Thursday.

{via TwiCrackAddict; photo source}
Meanwhile, Lainey also shared the following detail:
Meanwhile my sources tell me exclusively that the second day of filming involved a Quileute Village and a scene from 300 years ago.

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