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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Part 2 of Fandago's Set Visit: Deets on How Jane Tourtures Edward

Part 2 of Fandago's New Moon Set Visit reveals some more details on how Jane tourtures Edward:

Robert Pattinson is cloaked in a hooded crimson, velvet, Volturi robe and his bare chest is partly exposed. As Aro gives Jane the green light to try her power on Bella, Edward runs in front of her and he receives the full fury of Jane's infliction. Pattinson stops in his tracks, arches his head back and expresses a look of excruciating pain. He lets out a grunt, the wires pull him back, and then drop him on his back. A camera that's zoomed in on Jane's face shows her red eyes widen and follow him to the spot on the ground where he falls. She hardly blinks. As Bella begs her to stop, Jane keeps staring, and her lips curve into a faint, smug smile.

Meyer and others watch throughout, mesmerized. After the take, Dakota stops by the viewing area and says "See you tomorrow!" to Meyer. Fanning looks nearly unrecognizable with her pale skin and her hair pulled back into a sophisticated, twist up-do. Her red lips match her wide, blood-red eyes, accented with smoky eye-shadow. She's wearing a black and purple, hooded dress coat with a small cape around her shoulders. "The coat's adorable!" Meyer says. After she's left, Dakota's stand-in provides a much better look at her paper-thin, pixie-like dress underneath. It's cream-colored and layered, and she's wearing white tights and one-inch heeled Mary Janes.

After his torturous ordeal with Jane, Edward lies on his back on the marble floor of the Volturi chamber. Aro is in the background and Alice (Ashley Greene) crouches at his side. One of her hands is on his shoulder and the other is on his stomach. She has an "are you OK?" look on her face as she hovers over him. A crewmember issues them stage directions: To Pattinson: "In pain." To Greene: "Now you look up at Bella." When Edward sits up, the velvet hooded robe he's wearing comes off a tad too much revealing his chest. Some crew members giggle as someone from wardrobe fixes it and reties the knot. I guess they're going for just a hint of skin...

Before we switched studios to check out Pattinson's green screen work, we loitered on the Volturi sets after the cast and crew took off. We walked through one long, sand-stone colored passage that begins with a dungeon-like gate (probably the place where Volturi guard Heidi lures her victims); multiple arches stretch across overhead. On the sides of the passage walls, there are cavern crevices with little gardens. Each has different animal statues and some have water fountains. There are also stalactites, giving it an ancient, yet beautiful aura associated with the Volturi. The passage was actually made of Styrofoam—yes, I touched it—but it's amazing how much painstaking detail was put into all the sets, costumes and stunts to bring the Volturi to life.

SOOOOOO Excited! 3 More months people, 3 More Months!

Read it all at Fandango.

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