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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

According to The New York Post, Taylor Lautner was seen leaving a meeting with Hollywood heavyweight producer/writer/director Garry Marshall, who is responsible for hits such as "Pretty Woman," "Beaches," "Overboard".

The NY Post stated Marshall is currently working on the following 3 movies:

Potential Film #1: "Valentine's Day"I first talked about this upcoming big screen ensemble mid-May and think this is the most likely option. It's an ensemble rom-com starring Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Jennifer Garner, Bradley Cooper and Ashton Kutcher. I'm assuming Taylor is in talks to play Anne's mail room assistant boyfriend since she's the most age-appropriate on-screen lovah.

Potential Film #2 -- "Dear Eleanor"The story of two 14-year-old girls who travel across American during the '60s amid the Cuban Missile Crisis. Abagail Breslin might play Max the Wax, one of the leading ladies, who finds herself crossing paths with a variety of colorful characters. Taylor could play one of the vaudeville performers, or any other assorted potential love interest for either of the ladies.

Potential Film #3 -- "There Goes the Neighborhood"A dark comedy about a run-of-the-mill couple who learn their apple pie neighbor and his kids are a little too friendly and find themselves forced to defend their house with their lives. Taylor could play one of the creepy kids, whose smiley exterior masks a much more insidious agenda. The riskiest role of the three, but the gamble could pay off in a big way if it shows Hollywood he's more than a pretty face.

Which movie do you think we will see Taylor in next?

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