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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Create Bella's Bedroom For Yourself

I thought this was a cute article over at Twilighters Anonymous. Their Ask Alice column gives hints on how to recreate Bella's bedroom for yourself... you know...for your teenage daughter or something...I think my husband would have me committed should I suggest we Bella-ize our love shack!

Millions of us watched the Twilight movie and loved the easy and comfortable feel of Bella’s bedroom. I have done some looking and found some great items and ideas for re-decorating your own room to look and feel like Bella’s. Sorry…I can’t make Edward come in through your window, but a girl can dream, right?

What you will need to purchase:• Bedding• Wall Paint• Headboard or Bed Frame & Dresser• Drapes• Lighting• Decorative Items (Like finger paintings, bottles, dolls, etc.)
The paintThe color is a light and mellow sage-green. Here are a few colors that I suggest:• Behr Paint Color: April Mist @ Home Depot• Valspar Paint Color: Afternoon Delight @ Lowe’s Home Improvement

The BeddingBella’s movie bedding came from Target, but is not available anymore. Target does have the exact same bedding set in gray, though. Or, you can also search for a similar bedding set. The bedding is a lavender color, with a darker Plum color floral print all over it. Her sheets are a matching tone of purple.

The Bed Frame or HeadboardBella’s headboard is a more traditional style; light wood with carved scrolling along the top and an oval shaped decoration in the center. The overall shape is what is known as a Half Moon shape. I suggest checking out Thrift stores, Yard Sales and Used Furniture stores to find a similar style. Bella also has a light wood dresser in her room, just to the right of her window. If you can, try and get a matching head board and dresser set.

The LightingAs far as I can tell, Bella has five lighting fixtures in her room:• One large round orange and red paper lantern• Dragonfly string lights• A square paper lamp on her Nightstand• A metal moveable desk lamp• A gold or brass lamp with a rounded white shade on her dresser set.

The CurtainsBella has three different window fixtures in her room, which give it a sort of dreamy quality:• A set of round hanging bamboo curtains• A pair of sheer blue panels on each side of the window• A golden yellow or orange colored valance or scarf that is hanging at the top of the window in a V shape.

Knick-knacks in Bella’s Room• Large corkboard with Finger paintings & various mementos on it• Small corkboard above Dresser to right of window• Small oval mirror next to lamp on the wall above the dresser• Elephant Pencil sharpener at her desk• Dog painting on nightstand, wolf picture in black frame by door• Decorative bottles• Light wood shelf with CD’s etc on it• Little barrel cactus

Here is our Bella’s Bedroom Styleboard:

{Article & Pics: Twilighters Anonymous}

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