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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Interview w/ Peter Facinelli: Twitter bet & RPattz Sweat

I love Peter Facinelli and his sense of humor! Talking about the bet he made with a friend that if he could get 500,000 Twitter followers by Friday he will give away the back of his Twilight Chair! OMR do I want that Chair back.....

MTV: How will you decide who gets it?….Facinelli: I like riddles. I think I might do some kind of riddle, and the first person that posts the correct answer will win the chair backing. That sounds more fun than a raffle, right?

MTV: Yeah, and the Twilighters all want the back of your chair really badly. Facinelli: Especially since Rob Pattinson sat on my chair. It has some RPattz sweat on it.

MTV: Oh God. The winner could hire some CSI guys to remove the hairs and DNA. Facinelli: Definitely. One day, in the future, you might be able to clone Rob Pattinson if you own the back of my chair. That’s all I’m saying.

Read entire interview here and make sure you follow Peter on Twitter!

{via NMM}

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