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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Marcus Foster wants to Tour with Rob!

In an exclusive interview with, singer/songwriter Marcus Foster --Rob Pattinson's BFF -- opens up about his upcoming American shows and how he’d like to tour with Rob.

Twilight fans know that Marcus and Bobby Long co-authored the song “Let Me Sign,” which Rob performed on the movie soundtrack, and that Marcus is part of the Brit Pack, those scruffy haired hot British guys who make up the inner circle in RPattz’s life.

Foster hasn’t gone the traditional route in the music world--he’s about to tour without an album.

“It’s amazing,” he says. “It’s like the EP isn’t really an album, but it’s nice to be able to do these shows before the album is out, before I’ve even recorded an album. It’s really great to have a fan base and you have people interested in you so people are anticipating the album, which is really nice. It’s kind of really strange how it’s worked out like this.”
The record in question launches on iTunes on June 22 and he's spilling a few details about the vibe.

“There are a couple of old ones and a couple of new ones that people haven’t really heard. There is a song called 'Same Old Dance' and a song called 'You’re My Love.'”

The musician says he never thought his song “Let Me Sign” in Twilight would launch his career.
“Me and Bobby wrote that song on the
roof top and that one was kind of a joke, it is a joke song that we didn’t really think much of and we just played it loads and Rob really liked it and he went over and did it."

Although he’s never played the song live, there might be an even bigger treat for fans on this tour. “I don’t know we might do a few shows with Rob so maybe we’ll play Let MeSign there.”
We'd sign on for a tour with Rob, and Marcus says that both guys are interested in performing together.

“I’d like to and I know he’d like to. Maybe. I know Rob really likes my stuff which is nice and he tells me he likes it.”

Marcus' next gig is his biggest, the Twicon concert in Dallas, TX.

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